Exhibition Stand Furniture Options

The finishing touch for each exhibition stand is the furniture. We offer a large selection of furniture and most items are on stock in our warehouse. If you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. Keep in mind that Exhibition venues have very strict requirements for fire and safety and all furniture must have fire certificates. This means that we are limited in the choice of furniture we can offer. But we will always try to get you what you want! If you are exhibiting in Cannes, Nice or Monaco, don’t hesitate to contact us,
Let’s make something awesome together!

Chair Fiona
Color: White

Chair Ferry
Color: Black

Chair Leo
Color: White

Chair Lisa
Color: Black

Chair Henry
Color: White

Chair louie
Color: White

Chair Sophia
Color: Black/Steel

Chair King
Color: Transparent

Chair Lizz
Color: Blue

Barstool Michelle
Color: Transparent

Barstool Pippa
Color: White

Barstool Patty
Color: White

Barstool Rudy
Color: Black/White

Table Francis
Color: White
Size: ø80cm 72cm high


Table Franc
Color: White/wood
Size: ø90cm 75cm high

Table Jenny
Color: Glass/Steel
Size: ø60cm 74cm high

Bar Barry
Color: White
Size: W120 x 100H x 60D

BarTable Sally
Color: White/Steel
Size: 60x60cm 105cm high

BarTable Jenny
Color: Glass/Steel
Size: ø65cm 110cm high

CoffeeTable Britt
Color: White
Size: ø50cm 50cm high

Coffee Table Bridie
Color: White
Size: ø40cm 40cm high

Cabinet Isa
Color: White
Size: W120 x 73H x 40D

Cabinet Stella
Color: White
Size: W180 x 73H x 40D

Cabinet Luke
Color: White
Size: W120 x 63H x 40D

Cabinet Harry
Color: Dark Brown
Size: W157 x 88H x 47D

Reception Desk Wilma
Color: White
Size: W120 x 90H x 53D

Showcase Fritz
Color: White
Size: W120 x 90H x 53D

Showcase Anne
Color: White
Size: W43 x 163H x 43D

Brochure Display A4 Paul
Color: Transparent/Silver
Size: A4 – 165cm H

Brochure Holder Porto
Color: Transparent
Size: A4

Brochure Holder Nancy
Color: Transparent / Silver
Size: A3

Coffee Machine Petra
Color: Cream
System: Nespresso


Coffee Machine Jack
Color: Black
System: Nespresso

Ventilator Julio
Color: Silver
Size: ø28,5 x 79 H

TV Sanne 43″

TV Tina 55″

TV Thom 65″

We create affordable solutions for semi-custom build stands in Cannes, Nice & Monaco for €395 per square meter!!

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