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Elevate Your Airspace World Exhibition in Geneva with LyonExpo


When it comes to exhibiting at the prestigious Airspace World Exhibition in Geneva, choosing the right stand builder is crucial for making a lasting impact. An exceptional exhibition stand not only grabs attention but also showcases your brand's unique offerings effectively. In this blog post, we'll explore why CannesExpo should be your preferred choice for stand building at Airspace World, ensuring your brand stands out in the crowd.


LyonExpo brings a wealth of experience in designing and constructing exhibition stands for a diverse range of industries. With a deep understanding of the aerospace sector, they possess the necessary expertise to create remarkable stands tailored to your specific needs. LyonExpo's team of skilled professionals will leverage their industry knowledge and attention to detail to ensure your stand accurately represents your brand and captivates the audience.

Innovative Design

LyonExpo takes pride in delivering innovative and visually striking stand designs. Their creative team combines artistic flair with practicality, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and materials to create captivating exhibits. By incorporating interactive displays, immersive experiences, and dynamic visual elements, they elevate your booth to an extraordinary level, making it a focal point for visitors at Airspace World.

Turnkey Services

Choosing LyonExpo means gaining access to comprehensive turnkey solutions. From initial concept development to final installation and logistics, they handle every aspect of stand building.

CannesExpo's dedicated team of experts manages the entire process, ensuring a seamless experience for you. By entrusting them with your exhibition stand, you can focus on your core business, knowing that your display is in capable hands.

Personalized Approach

Understanding that each brand is unique, CannesExpo takes a personalized approach to stand building. They collaborate closely with you to grasp your objectives, target audience, and brand identity. By doing so, they create bespoke solutions that effectively communicate your message and align with your brand's vision. CannesExpo's attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction ensure that your exhibition stand reflects your brand's essence.

Proven Track Record

CannesExpo has a solid track record of success in delivering exceptional exhibition stands. Their portfolio showcases successful projects in the aerospace industry and beyond. By choosing CannesExpo as your stand builder, you tap into their expertise and benefit from their proven ability to create remarkable exhibits that leave a lasting impression on attendees at Airspace World.

LyonExpo's extensive expertise, innovative design solutions, turnkey services, personalized approach, and proven track record make them the ideal partner for stand building at Airspace World in Geneva. By selecting LyonExpo, you ensure that your brand shines amidst the competition, attracting attention and engaging visitors effectively. Trust LyonExpo to elevate your exhibition experience at Airspace World and help you achieve your goals with an outstanding exhibition stand.

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Stand for Moving Dot / 42 Solution on Airspace world 2023


Airspace World is the largest and most influential airspace and near-space management event in the world. Airspace World gathers ANSPs, suppliers, ATM professionals, innovators and new technology owners over three days for a packed agenda of learning, connecting, collaborating, sharing, and business. This show brings together the key players of manned and unmanned aviation to collectively work on the blueprint for future skies. It is the most prestigious showcase of the technology and services required to deliver that blueprint, and futures organisations from across the ATM, space and UTM industries.

For the show in 2023 we had 2 co-exhibiting companies from the Netherlands contacting us; 42 Solutions and Moving Dot. They were looking for a cohesive stand while still having the presentation of 2 companies. We opted for a control tower like storage in the middle with seating areas on both sides in the company colours. To highlight the Dutch origin of both companies we choose to have tulips in the company colours to go around the walls of both spaces. As it being an island the Back wall was closed of with an open design featuring a big Tulip light and to finish it all off we had a modern interpretation of the tradition tulip vase on the tables.

You have an eye for detail, good communication, work efficiently and we really appreciated that.
We can also look back on a good exhibition and have received many nice compliments about the stand!
Esther van Westing - Moving Dot

If you are exhibiting at Airspace World in Geneva and you are looking for a stand solution to stand out, fill in the quotation form below. We have turnkey affordable custom solutions. Contact us for more information!

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